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Poseidon CrossFit is a non-profit Military Affiliate that provides for Active Duty, Reserve Military, Federal Employees, and their dependents.
  1. CrossFit Fundamentals
    CrossFit Fundamentals
    Group or "1 on 1" CF fundamentals available, by appointment. Please contact us.
  2. CrossFit Fundamentals
    CrossFit Fundamentals
    Coming Soon...CF Fundamentals in the Park
Poseidon CrossFit has been Forging the Elite Fitness of Infidels, spousal units and offsprings since 2009.  

We started on the East Coast and traveled like gypsy to many areas of this Great Nation...building and strengthening future Infidels along the way!

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"Poseidon CrossFit is not endorsed by the United States Navy and is not affiliated with the Department of Defense.

This particular brand of functional fitness is intense and may no be suited for everyone.  Like any physical training program, one should consult their physician or health care provider to ensure that they are in good health prior to beginning this or any training program."

Poseidon CrossFit